Contemporary blues guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist Mark J Perry is equally happy mangling a Strat in ole SRV mode, blasting on a Gibson Les Paul, coaxing aural saucyness from a Hammond L102 Hammond + Leslie 142, tickling the ivories, thumping out throbular grooves on a Fender Jazz Bass... and sometimes larking around with soft synths bits and bobs...

some day.. an album will come...

Mark's (still) trying to get time to commit some stuff to tape (or RAM).. Might sound something like this:

Gigs 2007 (with band Good God No!)
Sat 27 Jan Kings Head, Kings Stanley
Sat 17 Feb  Yew Tree, Cam
Sat 17 Mar  The Queen Victoria, Stroud
Sat 24 Mar  Mariners Arms, Berkeley
Fri 13 Apr  Pig Inn the City, Glos
Sat 23 Jun  The Queen Vic - TBC
Sat 18 Aug  The Queen Victoria, Stroud
Sat 17 Nov  The Queen Victoria, Stroud


peptictwit Crazy stuff. The guy should be put away!
DBStudios  Decades of experience, great facilities and relaxed atmosphere.

Bill Nelson - 1st influence, 'painterly' guitar..
Jeff Beck
- there's only one
Stevie Ray Vaughan - power + soul
Eric Johnson - nice intervals and melody
Peter Green - talking better than shouting

Gary Moore
- attitude, vibrato, fluidity, space
Weather Report - groove + originality
Jan Akkerman - genius with European slant
Lewis Taylor - can 1 person have all that talent?
Jimi Hendrix - goes without saying


2006-Present: Good God No! Guitar/Keys/voc
2005 Stroud Blues and Beyond Festival short open-mic spot - great fun
Iron Age: True Lyrical Movement - Keyboards 2002 to 2003. Subject to agreement with ex TLM-ers, Mark may put some bio/demos up here.. it's a shame the band folded because there was so much potential, and there was some interest from WMI (Warner Music International).
Stone Age: The Hawds from the Yeast - Lead Guitar - 199? to 200? (replaced the sadly missed Steve Waller who was Manfred Mann's guitarist). The Hawds are a fine live band.